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Health Sciences Programs

Laredo Community College offers the following Health Sciences Programs:

Associate Degree Nursing (AAS)

Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program (AAS)

Emergency Medical Services

  • EMR Course
  • EMT Certificate (1 semester)
  • AEMT Certificate (2 semesters)
  • Paramedic Certificate (4.5 semesters)
  • AAS-Paramedic (2 years)

Medical Assistant

  • Basic Certificate (1 semester)
  • Clinical Certificate (10.5 months)
  • Coding Certificate (10.5 months)
  • AAS-Medical Assistant
  • Enhanced Skills Certificate (12 SCH)

Nursing Assistant Program (Certificate)

Occupational Therapy Assistant (AAS-OTA)


  • Phlebotomy Certificate (1 semester)

Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS-PTA)

Radiologic Technology (AAS-RT)

  • AAS-Radiologic Technology
  • Computed Tomography Medical Radiologic Technology Enhanced Skills Certificate (9 SCH)

Vocational Nursing Program (Certificate)

Philosophy and Mission

The philosophy and mission of the Health Sciences Departments parallels that of the college. The Health Sciences Programs are committed to preparing graduates that are ready to meet the responsibilities required of an entry-level Health Care Professional.

Admission Process

Students seeking admission into a Health Sciences Program must:

  • Meet Laredo Community College admission criteria (LCC catalog)
  • Be college ready as per Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements
  • For the Nursing Programs, complete online application through LCC's Nursing Department application website
  • For the Allied Health Programs, submit a complete program application packet to the Health Sciences Department office by the established deadline (Ruben M. Garcia Allied Health Center - HC room 109)
  • Successfully complete all requirements as designated by each program.

Students who were previously enrolled in any Health Sciences program(s) at Laredo Community College OR at any other college or university, must have exited in good standing in order for their application to be considered.

Application Process

Nursing Programs applications must be completed online at application website For more information contact the Nursing Departments at (956) 721-5252 for ADN or (956) 721-5255 for VN or NA.

Allied Health Programs application packets are located in the Ruben M. Garcia Allied Health Center room 109. Applications can also be obtained from LCC's website at For more information contact the Health Sciences Departments at (956) 721-5261 and (956) 721-5262.

Application process requires completed:

  • Application
  • References
  • Professional, Technical Standards
  • Official transcripts and College Ready Requirements for Specific Programs
  • Submit a transcript from every institution of higher learning attended
  • Check with specific Program Directors for prerequisite courses and institutional curriculum and overall grade point average requirements
  • A physical examination by a U.S. physician or nurse practitioner
  • Current immunization records:
    • One dose of Measles, Mumps Rubella (MMR). Students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show acceptable evidence of vaccination of two doses of measles-containing vaccine administered since January 1, 1968
    • One dose of Tetanus-diphtheria-Pertussis toxoid (Tdap) every 10 years
    • Hepatitis A (RECOMMENDED)
    • Complete series of Hepatitis B (HBV) Serologic confirmation of immunity to the Hepatitis B virus acceptable
    • Bacterial Meningitis (MCV4 Meningococcal vaccine)
    • Two doses of varicella (chickenpox). Also acceptable:
      • Student received first dose prior to 13 years of age
      • Laboratory report indicating varicella immunity, or
      • Parent/physician validated history of varicella disease (chickenpox)
    • TB skin test (annually) or Chest X-ray at provider's discretion
    • Influenza (annually)
    • Current American Heart Association BLS Health Care Provider CPR certification
    • Annual proof of student liability insurance (fee assessed at registration)
    • Negative drug screen - 10 Panel
    • Negative criminal background check from for the Health Sciences Programs or the Texas Board of Nursing for the ADN and VN Nursing Programs

Progression in Health Sciences Programs

To successfully progress in the Health Sciences Programs the student must:

  1. Abide by the Rules and Regulations as stated in the Health Sciences Programs' student handbooks.
  2. Complete the Health Sciences Programs' coursework as described in the curriculum design.
  3. Complete all pre-requisites and required curriculum with a grade of C or better. Additional program specific requirements may apply. Refer to appropriate program's student handbook.
  4. File an Application for Degree and/or Certificate with the Enrollment and Registration Services Center before or on the date specified in the college calendar.


A student considering withdrawing from the Health Sciences Programs must make an appointment with their instructor/Program Director.

Continuation Procedures

To request a continuation following withdrawal or academic dismissal from Health Sciences Programs contact the Program Director and follow the program's procedure.


All Health Sciences Programs follow the LCC attendance policy for campus/didactic courses. All clinical rotation courses require 100% attendance in order to be in compliance with the accrediting agencies. A tardy may be considered an absence during the clinical rotation.

Accreditation Requirements

The THECB may change course numbers, course names and course descriptions throughout the academic year. The Health Sciences Programs will make appropriate changes to meet accreditation requirements.

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