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Student Responsibilities

Student-Teacher Conferences

Students are urged to consult with their instructors, counselors, academic advisors, or the department chair when difficulties arise in their course work and to voluntarily seek extra help from their instructors during regular office hours.

Faculty and staff members will sometimes request a student to come in for a conference. The administration expects all students to appear promptly for such conferences on the day and hour for which they are arranged.

College Debts

Students having overdue books at the library or owing fines will not be issued final grades or transcripts until the books are returned or paid for, and all fines are have been cleared. Students indebted to the college or to the college bookstore will not be issued official transcript, and will not be permitted to register until such debts are paid. All students who have outstanding Texas Guaranteed Student Loans must present a clearance from the Financial Aid Office preceding the issuance of a transcript.

Change of Address and Telephone

Students who change his/her address or telephone number must notify the Enrollment and Registration Services Center (ERS).

Grievances Against the College

Students who feel aggrieved by actions of the College on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, disability, or age may file a grievance with the Dean of Student Affairs. The procedures for resolution may include:

  1. A hearing if the problem is not resolved at the level of the Dean or appropriate Administrator,
  2. Appeals to the Associate Vice President for Instruction, Associate Vice President of Student Services, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or the appropriate Executive Administrative Officer,
  3. Appeals to the President,
  4. Appeals to the Board of Trustees.

The action of the Board of Trustees shall be final. Specific student grievance procedures are included in the Laredo Community College Student Handbook.

Supplemental Policy Manuals

These are required by certain programs. Students enrolled in these programs will receive a copy of the manuals prior to admittance. Students must comply with these policies as well as those of the College.


All students must meet with academic and faculty advisors at least once a semester prior to registration of classes. Those students that have not declared a major, or have not met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements must meet with an academic advisor located in the Student Success Center (956-721-5135). Students that have met all TSI requirements and have a declared major, must meet with a faculty advisor prior to registration of classes. Faculty advisors are located throughout campus in the respective academic discipline.

The advisor(s) will provide the student with valuable information regarding course requirements and/or program changes which will affect the student’s progress. Students should bring their Program Degree Guide.


Students are expected to attend and participate in class activities. (Refer to section on College Regulations).

Transcript Review

The student is responsible for reviewing his/her transcript on a timely basis and reporting any discrepancies to the Enrollment Registration Services Center (ERS).


It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a drop slip has been completed and processed whether it is student-requested or faculty-initiated. The student is also responsible for checking with the Financial Aid Office for possible impact on Financial Aid status.

Official Communications with Students

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she checks their official LCC e-mail account for all communications from LCC to the student. This includes all official notifications of financial aid awards, grades, transcript holds, student account information, and other similar information important to students. Students must log in to their PASPport accounts in order to retrieve pertinent LCC information via e-mail. Students can access their accounts on the world wide web at

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