Computer Information Systems, Networking Technologies with a Concentration in Cloud Computing, Associate in Applied Science

Computer Information Systems

Networking Technologies with a Concentration in Cloud Computing

Associate in Applied Science


Welcome to the Computer Sciences & Technology Department. The department provides instruction in three different Workforce Education programs. Each program's student learning outcomes align with industry skillset  demands  to ensure a greater probability for employment upon graduation. The department also provides instruction for the Laredo College core curriculum as well as in an Associate of Science Degree involving a Computer Science concentration. 

The mission of the Computer Sciences & Technology Department is to fulfil the learning objectives of each one of our students, while providing quality, relevant, hands-on instruction. Students will be encouraged to engage in an environment conducive for learning. The department's goal for each of our students is to inspire them to fully attain their learning potential. 


The Networking Technologies AAS degree concentrating in Cloud Computing includes an array of skillsets ranging from multiple industry technologies. Semester one of the program focuses on networking fundamentals intended to prepare students for advanced topics and rigor that begin in semester two. 

Semesters two through four introduce advanced curriculum from the AWS, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft Academies. The academy curriculum is aligned with industry certification skillsets required in the Workforce. Students will complete three AWS specific courses, server administration courses in Microsoft and Linux technologies, database management using MySQL, security, scripting, and computer virtualization. The program also includes a capstone course and fifteen hours of academic coursework.

Students will test for Python, and AWS Cloud Practitioner and Associate Solutions Architect certifications at different intervals in the program. Certification vouchers will be funded by Laredo College. Certification testing is a program requirement. Program credits are transferable to Texas A&M University @ San Antonio, South Texas College, and Western Governers University. 

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
ITSC 1405 - Introduction to PC Operating Systems Fall, Spring 4
ITNW 1425 - Fundamentals of Networking Technologies Fall, Spring 4
ITSY 1400 - Fundamentals of Information Security Fall, Spring 4
ITSE 1429 - Programming Logic and Design- Python Fall, Spring 4
16 Hours
Semester 2
ITNW 1309 - Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Spring 3
ITNW 1316 - Network Administration I Fall, Spring 3
ITSC 1358 - UNIX System Administration I Fall, Spring 3
ITSE 1359 - Introduction to Scripting Languages Spring 3
12 Hours
Summer Session I
Elective - Language, Philosophy, and Culture/Creative Arts Fall, Spring 3
3 Hours
Summer Session II
Elective - Math Fall, Spring 3
3 Hours
Semester 3
ITSY 1342 - Information Technology Security Fall 3
ITSE 1303 - Introduction to MySQL Fall 3
ITNW 1313 - Computer Virtualization Fall 3
Elective - American History/Government/Political Science/Social/Behavioral Science Fall, Spring 3
13 Hours
Semester 4
ITNW 2427 - Advanced Cloud Concepts Spring 4
ITNW 1436 - Cloud Deployment & Infrastructure Management Spring 4
ENGL 1301 - Composition I Fall, Spring 3
Elective - Speech Fall, Spring 3
14 Hours