Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Certificate


Digital Forensics Certificate


The Digital Forensics program at Laredo college will provide a foundational understanding of digital forensic concepts and industry best practices. You'll learn about digital examination strategies, eDiscovery, incident response, digital forensic triage, chain-of-custody, and digital investigation techniques that will make a difference in an organization cybersecurity posture. Through hands-on activities and practical lab application you’ll develop an intimate understand of digital forensic operations and how to effectively conduct an effective investigation for an organization.

The program will help prepare students for a career in the engaging field of digital Forensics, as a Digital Forensic Engineer, Threat Analyst Technical Specialist, or Cybersecurity Incident Response Computer Forensics Investigatior, working with Federal, State or private agencies.

Digital Forensic professional salaries vary greatly depending on education, certification, and experience. Detailed information on associate aware and admission process can be found in the information tab.


Visit to view guided pathways created for students who complete an AAS degree and the options for transfer. Speak with an academic advisor at your college to choose courses that will help you to transfer to a specific university.

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
ITNW 1325 - Foundamentals of Network Technologies Fall 3
ITNW 1413 - Computer Virtualization Fall 4
ITSC 1316 - Linux Installation and Configuration Fall 3
ITSE 1346 -  Database Theory and Design Fall 3
ITSC 1342 - Shell Programming Fall 3
16 Hours
Semester 2
ITDF 1400 - Introduction to Digital Forensics Spring 4
ITNW 1335 - Information Storage and Management Spring 3
ITDF 1305 - Digital Data Storage Forensics Spring 3
ITSY 2342 - Computer System Forensics Spring 3
13 Hours
This Certificate leads to the Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics Associate of Science degree