Electronic Technologies, Associates of Applied Science

Electronic Technologies

Associates of Applied Science


Certificates are designed for individuals who desire preparation for immediate entry into the workforce. All program courses are practical in nature. Lectures are supplemented by dedicated labs where emphasis is placed on the progressive attainment of skills in a "hands-on" environment. Students are exposed to a variety of electronic and computer systems that are prevalent and current in today's workforce. Electronic Technicians oversee various types of electronic equipment. They service and install electronic equipment for companies in a variety of industries, including education, residential, commercial, retail, electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, computer firms, government agencies, and electrical engineering firms. In addition to servicing and installing equipment, Electronics Technicians run tests on equipment to locate issues. They also order parts if needed, and install replacement parts, including reassembling circuit boards or motor components.


The Electronic Technologies program offers an Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Technologies along with two certificates: a One-semester certificate in Computer Maintenance and a One-year certificate in Electronic Technologies.
Following this pathway will help you earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Electronic Technologies. For additional information concerning the field of study please consult with advisors for the Industrial and Electronic Technologies Department at (956) 721-5172.

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1 (Fall)
CETT 1409 - DC/AC Circuits Fall, Spring 4
CETT 1449 - Digital Systems Fall, Spring 4
INTC 1307 - Instrumentation Test Equipment Fall, Spring 3
CPMT 1411 - Introduction of Computer Maintenance Fall, Spring 4
15 Hours
Semester 2 (Spring)
CETT 1429 - Solid State Devices Spring 4
CPMT 1351 - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Fall, Spring 3
ENER 2325 - SCADA and Networking Fall, Spring 3
EECT 1204 - Electronic Soldering Spring 2
12 Hours
Summer Session I
ENGL 1301 – Composition I Fall, Spring 3
3 Hours
Summer Session II
MATH x3xx - Mathematics Elective Fall, Spring 3
3 Hours
Semester 3 (Fall)
EECT 2435 - Telecommunications Fall 4
INCR 1344 - Microprocessor Systems Maintenance Fall 3
Elective - Language, Philosophy and Culture / Creative Arts Elective Fall, Spring 3
Elective - American History / Government / Political Science /Social & Behavioral Science Elective Fall, Spring 3
13 Hours
Semester 4 (Spring)
CPMT 2302 - Home Technology Integration Spring 3
ELMT 2337 – Electronic Troubleshooting Service and Repair Spring 3
INTC 2366 - Distributed Control and Programmable Logic Spring 3
CETT 2281 - Cooperative Education - Computer Engineering Technology / Technician Spring 2
Elective - Science Elective Fall, Spring 3
14 Hours