Automotive Technology, Automotive Service Technician, Certificate I

Automotive Technology

Automotive Service Technician

Certificate I


The Automotive Technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in the Automotive Industry.


The advanced phase of the automotive technology study provides training in various areas of specialization, including: electronic fuel injection, engine performance, electrical and electronic tuning, and troubleshooting.


Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
AUMT 1305 - Introduction to Automotive Technology Fall, Spring 3
AUMT 1307 - Automotive Electrical Systems Fall, Spring 3
AUMT 1410 - Automotive Brake Systems Fall, Spring 4
AUMT 1419 - Automotive Engine Repair Fall, Spring 4
14 Hours
Semester 2
AUMT 1445 - Automotive Climate Control Systems Fall, Spring 4
AUMT 2321 - Autmotive Electrical Diagnosis and Repair Fall, Spring 3
AUMT 1416 - Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems Fall, Spring 4
AUMT 2313 - Automotive Drive Train & Axles Fall, Spring 3
14 Hours
Semester 3
AUMT 1281 - Cooperative Education  Fall, Spring 2
AUMT 2434 - Automotive Engine Performance Analysis II Fall, Spring 4
AUMT 2317 - Automotive Engine Performance Analysis I (Capstone) Fall, Spring 3
AUMT 2425 - Automatic Transmission & Transaxle Fall, Spring 4
13 Hours

Students Must Consult With The Program Advisor For Entry Requirements.

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Automotive Service Technician Pathway (Pending)