Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology, Certificate II

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology

Certificate II


Welcome to the Computer Sciences & Technology Department. The department provides instruction in three different Workforce Education programs. Each program's student learning outcomes align with industry skillset  demands  to ensure a greater probability for employment upon graduation. The department also provides instruction for the Laredo College core curriculum as well as in an Associate of Science Degree involving a Computer Science concentration.

The mission of the Computer Sciences & Technology Department is to fulfil the learning objectives of each one of our students, while providing quality, relevant, hands-on instruction. Students will be encouraged to engage in an environment conducive for learning. The department's goal for each of our students is to inspire them to fully attain their learning potential.


The CAD, Certificate II is comprised of the first three semesters of the AAS program. It includes courses in cartography (GIS), solid modeling, surveying, architectural and civil drafting. The certificate is stackable and requires that students be TSI compliant. 

The certificate introduces students to in-demand industry software AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Land Development Desktop, Civil-3D, Revit, Inventor, Solid Works, and ESRI. The certificate also requires completion of academic coursework.

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
DFTG 1305 - Technical Drafting Fall, Spring 3
DFTG 1309 - Basic Computer-Aided Drafting Fall, Spring 3
GISC 1311 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Fall, Spring 3
DFTG 1330 - Civil Drafting I Fall, Spring 3
12 Hours
Semester 2
DFTG 2340 - Solid Modeling/Design Fall, Spring 3
DFTG 2321 - Topographical Drafting Fall, Spring 3
DFTG 1317 - Architectural Drafting – Residential Fall, Spring 3
GISC 2320 - Intermediate Geographic Information Systems Fall, Spring 3
12 Hours
Summer Session 1
DFTG 2312 - Technical Illustration Summer, Fall 3
3 Hours
Summer Session 2
Elective - Mathematics Fall, Spring  3
3 Hours
Semester 3
DFTG 2323 - Pipe Drafting Fall 3
SRVY 2348 - Plane Surveying Fall 3
ENGL 1301 - Composition I Fall, Spring 3
DFTG 2328 - Architectural Drafting - Commercial Fall 3
12 Hours

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