Welding Technology, Combination Pipe Welding, Certificate

Welding Technology

Combination Pipe Welding Certificate


Laredo College's Welding Program is an intensive program that offers classroom instruction and hands on practical excercises. The Combinaltion Pipe Welding, Certificate builds on the fundamental knowledge attained in the Welding Assistant, Certificate award. Students will learn to use multiple processes to weld various pipe material and fittings that are commonly found in the field. 


The Welding Program offers a one-year certificate Welding Combination Pipe that will prepare the students for careers in the welding industry. It is designed to prepare students to enter the welding field as professionals in a variety of welding venues. The program combines foundations from the oil field, refinery, shop work, construction and safety. The students will participate in hands on and mock up welding situations. Students in the Welding Program will have to purchase personal hand tools and welding gear such as welding gloves, welding jacket, googles, and welding helmet. 



Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
WLDG 1425 - Introduction to Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting Fall, Spring 4
WLDG 1417 - Introduction to Lay Out and Fabrication Fall, Spring 4
WLDG 1428 - Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Fall, Spring 4
WLDG 1407 - Introduction to Welding using Multiple Process Fall, Spring 4
16 Hours
Semester 2
WLDG 1453 - Intermediate Layout and Fabrication Fall, Spring 4
WLDG 1434 - Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Fall, Spring 4
WLDG 2451 - Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Fall, Spring 4
12 Hours
Summer Session I
WLDG 2406 - Intermediate Pipe Welding Summer I 4
4 Hours
Summer Session II
WLDG 2453 - Advanced Pipe Welding Summer II 4
WLDG 2435 - Advanced Layout and Fabrication Summer II 4
8 Hours