Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Certificate

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Certificate


The HVAC Program is designed to teach students the general knowledge and specific skills necessary to grow into positions of influence in the Air conditioning service industry. The HVAC field requires that professional knowledge be accompanied by necessary sets of skills and professional attitudes.


The HVAC Program offers a Commercial Air Conditioning Certificate as well as a Residential Certificate and a HVACR Assistant Certificate that will prepare students for careers in the HVAC industry. It is designed to prepare students to enter the field as HVAC technicians at entry levels. The program combines foundations from electrical/mechanical skills, troubleshooting, installation, plumbing, calculating, maintenance, safety, and anything pertaining to the HVAC industry. The students will participate in hands on Labs, to include complete installations, troubleshooting and maintenance, in the field helping out our community. Also, students will be assigned to a company for their Coop program to continue practicing their HVAC skills. Students in the HVAC Program will have to purchase personal hand tools. 

Additional Certifications

Students will be able to obtain their EPA Certification, Basic Electricity, Electric Heat, and Residential Air Conditioning by ESCO Group.

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
Semester 1
HART 1407 - Refrigeration Principles Fall, Spring 4
HART 1401 - Basic Electricity for HVAC Fall, Spring 4
MAIR 1449 - Refrigerators, Freezers & Window A/C Fall, Spring 4
HART 1356 - EPA Recovery Certification Preparation Fall, Spring 3
15 Hours
Semester 2
HART 2449 - Heat Pumps Fall, Spring 4
HART 2441 - Commerical Air Conditioning Fall, Spring 4
HART 2438 - Air Conditioning Installation & Start Up Fall, Spring 4
12 Hours
Semester 3
HART 1451 - Energy Management Fall, Spring 4
HART 2436 - Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Fall, Spring 4
HART 2442 - Commercial Refrigeration Fall, Spring 4
HART 2281 - Cooperative Education - Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology (Capstone) Fall, Spring 2
14 Hours