Distance Education Advisory Council

Distance Education Advisory Council

The Distance Education Advisory Council (DEAC), comprised of faculty members, technical staff, and support service representatives, serves to advise and support the continuing advancement and development of the eLearning & Instructional Innovation Center programs and initiatives and to address technology goals.  

The purpose of the Distance Education Advisory Council is to:

  1. Develop and recommend standards of good practice for distance learning courses.
  2. Assist in the evaluation of distance learning activities and recommend changes to improve instructional outcomes.  
  3. Review and recommend online support services for faculty and students.
  4. Provide a forum for sharing, disseminating, and collaborating among distance learning faculty.
  5. Propose the development of online courses to target certificates and degrees to be delivered by distance learning.  
  6. Recommend and work on providing staff development and resources to develop and implement distance learning courses.
  7. Support the campus community by serving as a resource for the development of distance learning modes of instruction at both campuses.

Recommendations:  Forwarded to the Dean of Academic Innovation and Technology. 

Meetings:  Once per semester based on the availability of council members.