Laredo College celebrates historic female leadership

With a historic number of women occupying key leadership positions, most notably the selection of the first female president in the college’s 75-year history, there has never been a better time for women at Laredo College.
March is designated as Women’s History Month, and thus it is fitting to highlight the significant changes the college has undergone and how the female-led upper management has shaped the college’s outlook and future.
Dr. Minita Ramírez assumed her position as the eighth Laredo College president on July 1, 2022. Amid her brief tenure at Laredo College, she has already implemented numerous changes to continue driving the college’s growth and development.
Her extensive professional background encompasses a range of educational experience at local school districts, educational publishing and more than two decades in higher education. Her entire life’s work has been predicated upon improving the lives of students in our community.
As an educator, Dr. Ramírez understands that she serves as a role model and mentor for others, particularly women who look up to her. She considers her responsibility as an educator is first and foremost supporting and uplifting others.
She also noted that although there is no timeline for success and everyone’s journey differs, her advice is to take responsibility for your actions, practice self-reflection and always plan for the best and the worst.
“The biggest mistake women make is that we don’t forgive ourselves for the things we didn’t do perfectly,” she said. “You’re never going to be able to do everything perfectly at the same time because there’s only so much of you to go around. You have to forgive yourself for that.”
Dr. Ramírez now realizes that perfection doesn’t exist but that her strive for it is everlasting. She constantly looks for new ways of streamlining projects and being more efficient, a mantra she shares with her team.
In addition to Dr. Ramírez’s historic presidency, other top positions occupied by women at the college include Laredo College Board of Trustees President Lupita Zepeda, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Marisela Rodriguez Tijerina, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Dr. Diana Ortiz and Laredo College Associated Student Organization President Maricela Lopez. Their combined years of experience in academia, executive positions, the private sector and public service have been recognized with numerous accolades and recognitions.
These female leaders bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to their roles. Historically, most of these top positions have been held exclusively by men. The current top female leaders at Laredo College are a testament to the women who are effecting positive change daily and expanding the college’s prospects.
Great things are happening at Laredo College, and women are at the helm for the first time in over seven decades.