LC celebrates faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week

Laredo-Chamber-of-Commerce-School-Bell-Award-recipient.jpgLaredo College celebrates the tireless work of its experienced faculty year-round, recognizing that their contributions are at the core of the institution’s continued success.
The faculty’s penchant for excellence and high academic rigor is reflected in the college’s many top rankings, recognitions and awards. Namely, for the past four consecutive years, the college has been ranked as the #1 community college in Texas by
During Teacher Appreciation Week, the college continued recognizing its team of exceptional educators by hosting a faculty recognition awards banquet to recognize the work of its talented professors and instructors.
Among these recognitions, there were recipients and nominees of multiple prestigious awards, such as:
  • -Brenda A. Esquivel, Professor of Mathematics - NISOD Excellence Award Recipient
    -Hortencia D. Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging - NISOD Excellence Award Recipient
    -Dr. Qingguo Meng, Professor of Chemistry - NISOD Excellence Award Recipient
    -Graciela Y. Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Medical Assistant - School Bell Award Recipient
    Minnie-Stevens-Piper-Foundation-Award-Nominee.jpg-Rene J. Montemayor, Professor of English/Spanish/Speech - Golden Apple Award Nominee
    -Laura L. Ramirez Cruz, Professor of History and State Government - Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Award Nominee
The entire Laredo College family appreciates the outstanding work of our faculty, and we recognize their devotion and dedication to the betterment of our students through the fostering of learning, knowledge and wisdom.