Laredo College president releases statement on affirmative action Supreme Court ruling

Laredo College President Dr. Minita Ramírez announced on Thursday that she is disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn affirmative action measures directly impacting college admissions across the nation.
“I am saddened by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn affirmative action,” Dr. Ramírez said. “Having spent a good part of my career in enrollment management, I know firsthand that affirmative action has unlocked the gates of opportunity for students of color.”
Although the ruling will not directly impact admissions decisions at the local level, it will have a significant impact on a national scale and will put many Laredo College students hoping to transfer at a disadvantage, she noted, adding that the college’s partnerships with multiple universities are now more critical than ever.
Dr. Ramírez noted that the competitive edge for students of financial means is greater in numerous ways since they have the resources to hire college application/admissions coaches and enroll in expensive standardized test review programs that will help them get into elite universities and professional schools.
On the other hand, emerging minority student leaders, first-generation students, students of color and students whose current economic situation can only be equalized by an education will now have to overcome bigger hurdles due to this decision.
The South Texas minority-majority community should know that Laredo College will continue to accept everyone and provide quality education at an affordable price. We will continue providing the financial support and the academic excellence our students deserve.
“Our obligation is to help our students take these barriers off the table and help prepare and guide them toward attaining their dreams and success. We have a paramount role to play now as we continue to break the glass ceiling that keeps getting pushed down upon us,” Dr. Ramírez said. “Our faculty, staff and leadership are ready to fearlessly take this on and advocate even harder for our students and the future of our community to ensure that higher education is accessible to all. Laredo College will stand strong in providing opportunities to everyone. Our kids deserve the best we can offer.”