Orientations see incoming students explore Laredo College

Laredo College is excited to welcome all our newly registered Palominos to the Ft. McIntosh and South Campuses during the New Student Orientations slated throughout the summer.

Guided through the campus by our talented team of student orientation leaders, incoming students were given all the information needed to feel right at home by their peers who were in their shoes not too long ago.DSC_0743.jpg

LC Student Life Director Pedro Rivera said an important component of student orientations is having a dynamic flow of events that appeal to the participants. Incoming students can expect to move, to talk and to ask questions, while also having a chance to get to know the campus and the friendly faces of everyone here.

“What a lot of students have told us is that when they showed up on their first day, they had no idea where the library, restroom or where their classes were,” Rivera said. “We are taking them around the campus, gyms, trading stations, classrooms, advising or bursars. They will also learn about all the resources and services available to them.”

Incoming students will also have the opportunity to visit the LC gyms, pools and game rooms to enjoy the amenities offered in-between classes. Rivera said that every student who plans on attending in summer or fall should register for orientation to get an early start at enjoying everything that LC has to offer.

Orientation is a crucial step in the Palomino journey that prepares first-year students for success. Dates are filling up fast and every prospective student is encouraged to register today! For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at or (956) 721-5179.