Education-driven LC students get support from Women’s City Club of Laredo

As Laredo College works to find new ways to improve the quality of education for every generation of students, we are grateful that our community partners continue to support that common goal.

Laredo College Child Development Program students Stacy Saenz and Kassandra Medina were among eight education-driven students recognized by the Women’s City Club of Laredo and awarded each a scholarship toward their dreams of becoming educators.


Laredo College’s Child Development Program students bring their passion and goals to the classroom each day and work toward building a stronger education community for the benefit of students young and old.

“I always wanted to be a teacher and I’ve been part-time substituting at an elementary,” Saenz said. “I always wanted to teach and I always liked working with the younger children. As a mother of three, I understand what it’s like caring for children.”

She added that being a part of the LC Child Development Program has helped her tremendously. The classes she’s taken at LC have not only prepared her for her career, but also assisted her at home.

The program has prepared Saenz to care for her step-daughter who is on the autism spectrum, as it has allowed her to learn more about the condition and hone her teaching skills within her family. Through both her career and the impact it had on her life, she said the program has proven to be effective on training caring educators and caregivers.

As a participant in a future teacher program with clear plans to start and operate her own learning center, Medina is also eager on becoming a licensed nutritionist. She added that as a mother and full-time student, she is grateful to her professor who helped guide her to the opportunity and take another step forward toward her future career. The additional support also helps her focus on her goals and family.WCC-Scholarship--2.jpg

“I am aware that there are a lot of centers, but there are still not enough,” Medina said. “I want to open a learning center that can uniquely operate 24/7 as not all parents work nine to five jobs. The center would incorporate talented educators, strong learning programs and a heightened focus on disabilities.”

Both Saenz and Medina believe that it is of the upmost importance to acknowledge the needs of the children and the Women’s City Club of Laredo scholarships will help them on their journey to care and educate the next generations of students and leaders.