Learn how to set up a home network, utilize the cloud with LC

With so many gadgets, gizmos and trinkets tied to the internet, it is vital to both ensure a secure home network and utilize cloud services in this everchanging landscape of computer technology.
On Saturday Dec. 2, 2023, Laredo College professors Nestor Serrato and Ignacio Silva will conduct two separate workshops focused on setting up a home network and using the Amazon Cloud Services. Both workshops will also highlight some fundamental lessons and best practices in dealing with a new home network.
The DIY home networking workshop will be held in Room 123 at the D.D. Hachar Building at 10 a.m. The hour-long workshop will help attendees with a better understanding of network concepts with the goal of helping them set up their own home or office network. Furthermore, safety tips will also be covered to ensure a positive experience before and after the set-up.
“To keep a safe network, we’ll be going over public versus private Wi-Fi, encryption, untrusted connections and strong password crafting, to name a few,” Serrato said. “Many of these concepts and subjects are also extensively covered within the computer technology programs at LC.”
Similarly, the Amazon Cloud Services workshop will be held in Room 101 at 11 a.m. and cover a wide range of computer best practices but with a heightened focus on creating and utilizing cloud services for personal or professional reasons.
Silva said that cloud services offer convenience, reliance and security. Between a strong password and two-factor authentication, a cloud-based server or webpage can be globally activated in seconds, accessible from anywhere and adds an additional layer of data protection.
“We will go over the Amazon Cloud Services and how to create a website using the cloud. This not only helps save money and resources for business-oriented users, but can also serve as a good way to back-up cherished photos, videos and digital files,” Silva said.