LC joins forces to support expanding literacy in El Cenizo

As the pioneering higher education institution in our community, Laredo College has a legacy of  championing literacy in Laredo and surrounding areas with the help of multiple local partner organizations committed to improving the quality of life and expanding educational opportunities across South Texas.
Laredo College, in collaboration with the Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club, IBC Bank, Webb County and the El Cenizo community, spearheaded the Lamar Bruni Vergara El Cenizo Library Book Drive.
Over a dozen Laredo College students participated in this initiative through gathering over 70 boxes at the LC South Campus library, loading them onto a truck and driving them straight to El Cenizo’s library. 
“Serving other LC students and the people in our community is one of my favorite things,” LC Student Government Association President Ana Gisela Pérez Alemán said. “I think it’s wonderful that Laredo College donated so many books and that we, the students, worked together to deliver them to El Cenizo. I think encouraging students to serve the people in our community is an important lesson on empathy. And when people are empathetic, the world is a better place.”
Laredo College’s book donation of approximately 6,000 books aligns with the core beliefs of the Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club, particularly the pillar of supporting education. This donation exemplifies Laredo College’s commitment to service and integrity.
“​​Laredo College is committed to giving back to the community by encouraging our students to contribute their time and efforts to worthy causes. Through volunteering opportunities, our students can actively participate in initiatives that support the local community and make a positive impact,” LC Director of Library Services Cynthia Rodriguez said. 
This book donation will provide the people of El Cenizo with access to literacy and educational opportunities, thereby empowering them to enhance their skills, knowledge and overall well-being, Rodriguez added.
“These books will open the minds and hearts of those who read them and, in turn, will benefit our community by empowering leaders,” Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club Vice President of Service Projects Carlos Velazquez said.
IBC Bank also played a crucial role in the success of the event by collecting over 6,000 additional books and making a donation to the rotary club for the purchase of backpacks and school supplies for children in El Cenizo, furthering the initiative’s impact on education and community support.