Laredo College: The place for chefs and foodies

It is almost impossible to put into words the experience of seeing, smelling and finally tasting a dish made to electrify the senses. Within the Laredo College Culinary Arts Program, led by its renowned chefs, the students study and practice to make these dishes a habit.

By hosting luncheons throughout the semesters, LC is akin to a five-star restaurant always in high demand by its employees. 

Under the tutelage of accomplished chefs and Culinary Arts Professors Christina Perez and Alejandro Casillas, students learn the full suite of necessary abilities to excel in the kitchen. Between understanding the importance of tool maintenance, maintaining a clean and organized kitchen, restaurant kitchen dynamics and the chemistry involved in cooking, students are ready to work at the most beloved restaurants.

The program hosts several employee luncheons each semester to highlight their continued growth and understanding. This culminates in every student taking on a role to provide the best service and food to their hungry customers. These one-off luncheons are always in high demand and a treat for the LC staff looking for a meal that cannot be easily found in our area.

These luncheons are exclusive to college staff, and plates are limited; all funds go back to financially supporting the program and culinary arts students. 

Staff members can purchase a meal voucher, which includes a main dish, a side, dessert and a drink. All proceeds go toward the program, and with the results as delicious as they always are, plates are always sold out.

During their time in the program, recent cohorts have made savory Cubano sandwiches with chocolate banana marble cake, flavorful poblano soup complemented with strawberry shortcake, dreamy clam chowder with coconut shrimp, pineapple dipping sauce and a cheesecake with berry coulis sauce.

With a tasty beverage of lemonade or iced tea alongside every meal, these luncheons always hit the spot. For more information about the Culinary Arts Program, call (956)794-4389 or email us at