Institutional Research and Planning Office

Institutional Research and Planning Office

Our mission is to provide accurate data and analysis in a timely manner to administration, Board of Trustees and outside entities in support of decision making.

The office provides the college with accurate, comprehensive, and official data for the use in:

  • Departmental and institutional decision-making
  • Reporting to governmental and accrediting agencies
  • Planning the college's growth and operational improvements
  • Evaluating the performance of instructional and support units
  • Assess LC’s overall institutional effectiveness.


Request for Information

If you have requests for specific data or information not found in this web page, please fill out an Information Request Form. This request form is for internal use only. 

All open records requests need to be directed to the Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management at or at (956) 764-5950.


Institutional Research and Planning Office

Fort McIntosh Campus

Martin Building Room 139 
Laredo College
West End Washington Street  
Laredo, Texas 78040


956.721.5835 Fax


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