College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams

CLEP Exams Resume at South Campus

CLEP exam appointments can now be scheduled at our South Campus Assessment Center. Contact us at 956-794-4418 or to book your appointment.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Last day to take the CLEP exam for the Spring 2024 semester is Thursday, May 2nd, 2024. If you are graduating/transferring at the end of Spring 2024, you must take the CLEP exam no later than 5/2/24.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams


Laredo College acknowledges that some students may have mastered college-level subjects prior to enrollment in college and therefore provides testing and credit programs to validate such learning. The CLEP® exam may be used for awarding credit-by-examination.


Policy and Procedure

A maximum of one-half of a two-year degree requirement may be earned through credit by examination programs. Credit by examination is awarded under the following conditions:


  • Credit is awarded once the student has earned college-level credit at Laredo College.
  • Students who earn a score of 50 or above on a CLEP® exam may be awareded credit for the corresponding course(s).
  • The Office of Admissions must be notified, in writing, if a student wishes to have the credit earned placed in their transcript. Scores do not post automatically. A Permisson to Post Grades Form must be filled out and certified by the Assessment Center and turned in to the Office of Admissions in order for exam grades to post.

Score Information

Those who score a 50 or higher on a CLEP® exam may receive credit for the equivalent course as listed below. Foreign language exams may be awarded a letter grade or credit as follows:

50-59 = "C" or "CR"

60-67 = "B" or "CR"

68+ = "A" or "CR" 

For all other exams, students will receive credit (CR) for the course(s).  

CLEP® Examinations

Composition & Literature  
Science & Math  
Social Science & History  
Foreign Language  

CLEP® Contact Information

For account login help or for questions regarding My Accountregistration tickets, and more contact CLEP® CollegeBoard at:

1-800-257-9558 (8am - 6pm ET, Monday - Friday)

610-628-3726 (Fax) (Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number) 


PO Box 6600

Princeton, NJ


CLEP® Schedule

All CLEP® exams are adminstered by appointment only. Exams are administered at both Ft. McIntosh and South campus.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Assessment Center at: (be sure to include your full name, Palomino ID number, and a phone number) 


Call us at: 956.721.5418 or 956.794.4418

Testing Procedure

Once you have confirmed an appointment with Assessment Center staff, you must:

  1. Purchase your exam ticket online: (you must create an account)
  2. Process $93 exam ticket fee online at  
  3. Print out exam ticket. Ticket will be turned in at Assessment Center the day of your appointment.
  4. Process $15 LC administration fee at Bursar Office (exam total cost: $108.00)
  5. Report for your exam the day of your appointment (late arrivals will not be admitted). You must bring with you:
    • Exam ticket printed from CollegeBoard website
    • $15 receipt from Bursar Office for administration fee
    • Valid form of ID, NOT EXPIRED. Accepted IDs per CollegeBoard policy: passport, driver license, state/province ID, military ID, national ID, tribal ID, Visa/Matricula Consular/Sentri. Name and DOB on ID must match exactly name and DOB on exam ticket, no exceptions.

You may purchase practice materials at: