TSIA2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the TSIA and TSIA 2.0 exams?  
What are the benchmarks for college-readiness?  
Will Dual Enrollment students be allowed to take the TSIA 2.0 exam at LC?  
If I’ve taken the TSI in high school, can I use those scores for placement purposes?  
Can I use my SAT/ACT scores for placement in college courses?  
Do I need to complete a Laredo College application to take the TSIA 2.0 exam?  
What if I don’t have a Palomino ID number?  
How do I find out what section of the TSIA2 I need to take?  
If I don’t plan on attending Laredo College, can I still take the TSIA 2.0 exam at LC?  
Do I have to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) for the New TSIA 2.0?  
Can I take the TSIA 2.0 through Zoom Virtual Proctoring?  
How do I register for an appointment to take the TSIA 2.0?  
Are special accommodations available for the TSIA2?  
How long is the TSIA 2.0 exam?  
What happens if I don’t pay the TSIA 2.0 test fees?  
I paid for the exam, but I haven't taken it yet. Does the payment for the exam expire?  
I lost my TSIA2 permit. Can I still take the test?  
Do I need an ID in order to take the TSIA 2.0?  
What is the cost of the TSIA 2.0 exam?  
Can I retake the TSIA2?  
When will I get my TSIA2 scores?  
I lost my test scores. How can I get another copy of them?  
Can I bring a calculator or dictionary for the exam?  
I need my TSIA2 scores to be sent to another institution. How do I do that?