GED® Exams

GED® Exams



The Assessment Center at the LC Ft. McIntosh campus is one of two authorized test sites in Laredo for GED® exams. Exams are administered by appointment only and are taken on computer.


Description of Exam

The GED® test gives you the opportunity to earn a certificate of high school equivalency. The GED® test consists of four content areas: 

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) [150 minutes]
  • Mathematical Reasoning [120 minutes]
  • Social Studies [75 minutes]
  • Science [95 minutes]

The tests are administered in English and Spanish. You must pass all four (4) exams in order to receive your GED® certificate. For more detailed information on the different test subjects click here.

Registration Procedure

In order to register for the GED® tests, you must:

  1. Log on to 
  2. Create an account with GED® Testing Service (GEDTS). Please use an email you check often since you will receive your GED® certificate via email.
  3. Click on "Schedule Test". Available dates and times will show. Note: in order to maximize dates and times shown, select only one or two subjects at a time. If you select all four subjects, no available dates will come out. All 4 subjects cannot be taken in one day at Laredo College.
  4. Process payment of test fees online. 
  5. Refer to the email that GEDTS will send you for any additional information you need to know before the test. 

*Special accommodations are available for candidates with certain conditions/impairments. Candidates must request accommodations at the time of registration via Most accommodation requests are processed within 30 days. For FAQs on GED® accommodations, click here. For additional information on accommodations click here or send an email to:

If you have any questions during registration, you may contact GEDTS at 1-877-392-6433.

Testing Fees

Fees must be paid online at at the time of registration.

Testing fees must be paid every time you take an exam, including every re-testing attempt. 

$36.25 per subject

$145.00 full battery of 4 exams

Study Materials

You may purchase official GED READY® practice exams at 

  • Select the "Study" tab
  • Practice tests are $6.99 each and are taken from home or wherever you have access to the Internet
  • You may take practice exams more than once; fees must be paid every time you wish to take a practice test

For more information on the GED READY® practice test, click here.

For a tutorial, click here.

To view a calculator tutorial, click here.

ID Policy for GED® Exams

Per GEDTS/Pearson VUE™ policy, Texas jurisdiction requires all testers to provide proof of Texas residency. This means that in order to take a GED® exam, you will be required to show a Texas ID or Texas Driver License (NOT EXPIRED) the day of your GED® appointment(s).

If you do not have a Texas ID/DL, the government-issued ID you present must include: your recent photo, your name (exactly as it appears on test registration), your signature, your date of birth, expiration date (cannot be an expiration date that has already passed), AND a Texas address.

You may also establish proof of Texas residency by providing a valid (NOT EXPIRED) government-issued ID and additoinal documentation (to be determined by GEDTS) which may include a utility bill under the test taker's name with a Texas address. 

To verify if your ID/documents are valid for testing in Texas, you must contact GEDTS at 1-877-392-6433.

Failure to provide valid ID/documentation may result in forfeiting of exam fees and inability to test.


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