Local Spanish Exam

Local Spanish Exam


The Laredo College Local Spanish exam is part of the credit-by-examination program which allows motivated students an opportunity to gain college credit for knowledge they already have. 

The Local Spanish exam is a paper-based, 2-hour exam that consists of 100 objective questions and covers the Spanish 2311 and Spanish 2312 coursework. 

If you're unsure whether this exams counts towards your degree, please see your advisor.

Policy and Procedure

Credit by examination is awarded under the following conditions:

  1. Credit is awareded once a student has earned college credit at Laredo College.
  2. Students who earn a score of 70 or higher may be awarded credit for the corresponding courses.
  3. The Office of Admissions must be notified, in writing, if a student wishes to have the credit earned placed in their transcript. Scores do not post automatically. A Permission to Post Grades Form must be filled out and certified by Assessment Center and turned into the Office of Admissions for exam grades to post. 

Score Information

A minimum score of 70 (or higher) is required to receive credit/letter grade for Spanish 2311 and Spanish 2312.

Letter grades (or credit) will be awarded as follows:

  • 70-79 = "C" or "CR"
  • 80-89 = "B" or "CR"
  • 90-100 = "A" or "CR"

Test Schedule

 All Local Spanish exams are administered by appointment only. Please contact the Assessment Center at assessment@laredo.edu or 956-721-5418 to schedule an appointment.

Exam Fees

All exam fees must be paid at the Bursar's Office prior to taking an exam.

The cost for the Local Spanish exam is $56.00.

Procedure for Testing

In order to take an exam, you must:

  1. Contact the Assessment Center at assessment@laredo.edu or 956-721-5418 to schedule an appointment.
  2. Process the exam fee at the Bursar's Office.
  3. Report to the Assessment Center at the time of your appointment with the following:
    • Payment receipt from Bursar's Office
    • Government-issued photo ID, NOT EXPIRED. You may present the following: State ID/Driver License, Passport, National ID, Tribal ID, Military ID, Visa, Sentri, Matricula Consular.