Pearson VUE Exams

Pearson VUE Exams




The Assessment Center at Laredo College Ft. McIntosh campus is an authorized Pearson VUE test center; it is one of two Pearson VUE authorized test centers in Laredo.

Pearson VUE exams are computer-based tests (CBTs) that provide licensures and certification in various areas. All Pearson VUE exams are administered by appointment only. Pearson VUE exams may be taken only at the Ft. McIntosh campus.

General Information

With over 175 clients, the Assessment Center at Ft. McIntosh campus is authorized to administer over 500 Pearson VUE certification exams.

Some of our most frequent Pearson VUE exams include:

  • GED exams
  • NREMT exams (paramedic, EMT, EMR)
  • Texas Department of Insurance Exams (Life & Health, Property & Casualty)
  • Cisco Systems
  • CompTIA 
  • Evaluation Systems

All exam fees are processed online at the time of registration. Exam fees vary by exam sponsor. ID requirements vary by exam sponsor as well. Each exam sponsor determines the type of documentation an examinee will need the day of their exam.


Register for a Pearson VUE Exam

All Pearson VUE exams are administered by appointment only and only at the Ft. McIntosh campus.

Pearson VUE exams are scheduled online at: 

  • For customer service and/or assistance registering for your Pearson VUE exam, click here.