Major Streets and Roads on the Fort McIntosh Campus

These are the historic names of the streets at our Ft. McIntosh Campus, which was originally named Camp Crawford after George W. Crawford, Secretary of War, later renamed in honor of Colonel James Simmons McIntosh, a hero in the Battle of Molino del Rey in 1847.
  1. Lamar Road - Mirabeau B. Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas, warned of the need for protection of the area.
  2. Leyendecker Road - John Z. Leyendecker - Quartermaster
  3. Crawford Road - Originally Fort Crawford for George W. Crawford, Secretary of War under President Zachary Taylor
  4. Prime Road - Colonel Nathan Prime, commander in 1869 tried to establish order in the city by controlling vice
  5. Taylor Road - President Zachary Taylor
  6. Sherman Road - William Tecumseh Sherman famous Union Commander during the Civil War
  7. Bee Road - Hamilton P. Bee - Second in Command to Lamar in 1846 later elected county clerk of Webb County, General on border during Civil War
  8. Hudson Road - Captain Walter W. Hudson, stationed at the fort, died April 19, 1850, of wounds received in a skirmish with Indians
  9. Ainsworth Road - probably for Brigadier General Fred Crayton Ainsworth
  10. Sheridan Road - Lieutenant Philip Sheridan, 1854
  11. Davis Road - probably from Jefferson Davis, West Point graduate, Mexican War hero, served as Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce
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