Laredo College eBook Program


How does Laredo College eBook program work?

Laredo College has partnered with the bookstore to provide you with eBook and digital course materials on the first day of class at a discount rate. The cost of the eBook and digital course materials will be included with your registration. Students enrolled in courses that are part of the eBook Program, should not join the free trial period or go to the publisher’s website to purchase a textbook.

 Is my course participating in the program at this time?

 Please check your course syllabus or contact your instructor to verify if your course is participating in the e-Book program.

 What if I do not want to participate in this program?

If you do not wish to participate in the program, you may Opt-Out. If you Opt-Out of receiving and paying for your course materials via this program at a discounted rate, you will be responsible for obtaining those on your own. The college bookstore will send an email to your student email with instructions on how to Opt-Out.
Click on the link for additional information on Wintermester 2022 and Spring 2023 Opt-out Deadlines.pdf.

 What should I do if I already have my textbook and course materials?

If your course is part of the All-Inclusive program and you already purchased your textbook material from the bookstore:
Option 1: You can keep the textbook material if you don't want the eBook provided with the course and you would need to Opt-Out of the program before the deadline otherwise you will be responsible of the e-Book fee.   
Option 2: You can keep the e-Book provided with the course since it is less expensive, and return the textbook material in the same sealable condition purchased with a receipt at the bookstore for a full refund.

 Who can I contact for more information?

For additional information regarding this program you may contact one of the offices listed below. Be sure to provide your Palomino Id (PID), Name, and the course(s) you are inquiring about.

 For information regarding enrolling or opting out of e-book program:

 College Bookstore



Phone: 956.721.5250

 For information regarding payment of e-book fee

 Bursar’s Office



Phone: 956.721.5112 or 956.794.4212

Financial Aid Office



Phone: 956.721.5361 or 956.794.4360