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The Office of Student Life supplements academic development through student participation in activities outside the academic classroom with a wide variety of social, educational, cultural, and recreational events for the students. Student time at LC can be both fun and educational. The primary purpose of the Student Life Center is to provide the campus student body a variety of student development services which complement the instructional program.

Student Life promotes student growth by encouraging student involvement and leadership in all areas of college experience, which is essential for the development of the total student in preparation for independent life beyond the academic setting. Associated Student Organization, better known as ASO, provides students a voice in student affairs and college procedures as well as an opportunity to engage in the democratic process on campus.

The delivery of student services occurs at the Kazen Student Center Service Desk which includes the issuance of photo identification cards to students and the campus community, recreation room facilities, lost and found services, PA announcements of college events, varied music for dining area, general information & referral, and poster and literature distribution that keeps student abreast of what is happening on campus through the campus bulletin boards. Student Life provides the essential training to student representatives of each student organization in order for these students to delegate procedures for the student organization’s financial allocations and other collaborative activities that student organizations wish to participate in.

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