Student Government Association

Student Government Association


We the students of Laredo College, in order to provide an official student representative body to receive questions and suggestions; promote the rights of each student of Laredo College; provide the official voice through which student opinion is expressed; participate through feedback, suggestions, and recommendations made as they relate to student matters in the overall decision-making processes of the campus community; foster awareness of the students role in the campus community; assist in enhancing the quality and scope of education at Laredo College; and provide means for responsible and effective participation, do establish the Constitution for the Associated Student Organization of Laredo College (LC).


The purpose of this organization is to provide students the opportunity to actively participate and foster leadership skills, as follows:


  1. Providing a forum that allows for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions.
  2. Promoting the value of lifelong learning.
  3. Providing an environment on campus where the educational experience is enhanced through means of accessible services, collaboration, and student input.
  4. Developing leadership opportunities for students.
  5. Fostering a sense of community and integrity among the students. 


The Laredo College Student Government Association is a proud member of the Region VI of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association. LCSGA currently serves as Historian for Region VI.