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Campus Life at Laredo College!

Campus Life is an integral facet of the college experience, and LC offers a variety of activities to engage the mind, body and spirit. Student life at LC includes myriad student activities, student clubs and organizations, a popular intramural sports program, and E-Sport as part of student engagement. 

Student engagement promotes student growth by encouraging student involvement and leadership in all areas of college experience, which is essential for the development of the total student in preparation for independent life beyond the academic setting. Associated Student Organization, better known as ASO, provides students a voice in student affairs and college procedures as well as an opportunity to engage in the democratic process on campus.

Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center

And the world-renowned Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center, also found on the college’s historic downtown campus, is a living laboratory showcasing flora and fauna native to South Texas. The center is open to students and the public, along with the popular Paso del Indio Trail, where students can explore and preserve the region’s unique river ecosystem.

Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center
Office of Student Life The Office of Student Life supplements academic development through student participation in activities outside the academic classroom with a wide variety of social, educational, cultural, and recreational events for the students. Student time at LC can be both fun and educational. The primary purpose of the Student Life Center is to provide the campus student body a variety of student development services which complement the instructional program. READ MORE...
Office of Student Life
E-Sports Laredo College is now home to the NJCAAE-Sports program. Laredo College students are now able to compete in two year colleges from around the United States. Laredo College is home of the NJCAAE - Intramural Division 10th place Valorant Team and is currently seeking players for various gaming titles. READ MORE...

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