SGA Committees

SGA Standing Committees


1. Fiscal Operation Committee
  Chaired by the SGA Treasurer, their mission is to translate all fees into a basic summary so that students know where their money is going and how accessible students services are to students. For more information please contact: 
2. Personnel Committee
  Chaired by the SGA Vice President, their mission is to provide leadership and to cultivate the educational success and personal development of our students. For more information please contact
3. Community Service Committee
  Chaired by the SGA Senator Pro Tempore, their mission is to support, strengthen, and empower individual students and faculty through volunteer-based service.  For more information please contact 
4. Public Relations Committee
  Chaired by the SGA Secretary, their mission is to provide students with information on how to get engaged on campus. For more information please contact.
5. Campus Affairs Committee
  Chaired by the SGA Sergeant of Arms, their mission is to connect with students in regards to any important issue that may concern them, such as important holidays or events. For more information please contact