Assistive Technology


  • ReadSpeaker - a tool in Canvas that allows online text to be read out loud to you
  • Natural Readers- text to speech program; reads printed material aloud
  • JAWS -  text to speech program; reads material aloud
  • ZoomText - screen reading program; enlarges information on a computer screen
  •  Victor Readers and Audio Books- textbooks downloaded into MP3 Players
  • Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI) - Live Sign Language interpreting services via computer


The equipment listed below is available for students to check out on a semester by semester basis:

  • Intel Readers - reading equipment for students who are visually impaired or with learning disability
  • Digital Recorders- audio recorders to record class lectures
  • Connect 12 -  high-performance 12-inch digital magnifier combined with the functionality, connectivity and versatility of an Android tablet
  • Echo Pens - pens that record at the same time as writing, notes can be transferred to computer 
  •  Victor Readers and Audio Books- textbooks downloaded into MP3 Players
  • Amplification Devices- for hearing impaired; amplifies sound in the classroom
  • UbiDuo- communication device for Deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Low Vision Calculators- scientific calculators for visually impaired students

Equipment that is checked out by students becomes the responsibility of the student and must be returned at the completion of each term.  A hold is placed on the student's records until returned.  Equipment that is lost, stolen, or broken must be paid for by the student.

If you feel that you could benefit from the usage of some of this technology, please ask for more information at Disability Services.

Students should contact the Disabiliity Services and Counseling Center as soon as possible as timely notice is needed to coordinate accommodations.