Register for Disability Services


Students with a disability may be eligible to receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations through Disability Services. If you need accommodations, please register for services as soon as possible or at least two months before registering for classes so that your application can be processed. Students requesting accommodations and services must follow the process listed below:


Step One: Submit an Online LC Disability Services Registration

Students must have a Palomino ID number to register for Disability Services. If a student has not previously applied for admission to Laredo College, they follow the steps of the Admissions process on this hyperlink.

To register for Disability Services online, students must complete the online Disability Services Registration Form.

Students may upload documentation supporting their diagnosis/disability to the online registration form.  Please note that students are only able to access this registraiton link once. If a students does not have their documentation ready to upload when they complete the online registration, they can email it to

Some examples of documentation accepted include diagnostic testing and reports from physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, school districts, and from agencies such as the Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS).

For guidance or if supporting documentation is not available, students may call Disability Services at (956)721-5137.  


Step Two: Schedule an Accessibility Meeting  

After the information has been reviewed, the student will be contacted and given an Accessibility Meeting appointment to meet with the Disability Services Counselor to discuss eligibility.

Once program eligibility criteria is met, the student and the Counselor will discuss accommodations and support services that are reasonable and appropriate.


Step Three: Login to Accommodate  

After the Accessibility Meeting, the student will receive a confirmation email listing reasonable and appropriate accommodations the student is eligible for.

The email will also include instructions on how to to submit a semester request though Accommodate in order to send accommodation letters to instructors each semester.