Community Service Program

Community Service Program


Deadline: May 4, 2024


Community service hours are hours spent during the academic year in work which directly benefits either:

  • People experiencing poverty, discrimination, abuse, poor health, and/or physical-mental limitations or
  • The protection of animals or the environment for which an individual does not receive financial compensation or
  • Approved Non-profit organizations where service is provided to reach the organizations goal(s).

Individuals who complete 50+ hours of community service will be awarded a community service cord that is silver in color and can be worn in conjunction with their graduation regalia. 

Not Approved Community Service Hours

  • Service completed for a for-profit organization are not considered community hours
  • Volunteer work solely to promote a particular religious point of view will not be considered. Ex. Church teacher or assistant. 
  • Students involved in an academic course with a service-learning component may not receive community service hours for their work since academic credit is being awarded.  
  • Participation in charitable fundraising walk-a-thons, runs, and other events of this nature will generally not be considered as community service.
  • Participation in activities, events, or student organizational fundraising will not be considered community service. 
  • Volunteer work obtained by participating in a secondary school program/course/event. 

Community service supervisor must approve hours and final approval of all community service hours will be determined by the Director of Student Life. Students are encouraged to consult with the Office of Student Life if they have questions or concerns about how to fulfill the service requirements.