Posting and Distribution of Literature on Campus

Posting and Distribution of Literature on Campus

Major campus events and activities are announced through Posters/Flyers on bulletin boards around campus.  Check the bulletin boards frequently to keep informed of Campus Activities.

General Poster Regulations

1. Recognized student organizations and campus departments are permitted to display posters/flyers at LCC provided the content relates to an authorized activity of the group. All such notices placed inside campus buildings must be posted on an appropriate bulletin board or space designed for that purpose. Departmental bulletin boards may be used only with the permission of that department.

2. The name of the sponsoring department or office, student organization, and activity date must clearly be printed on all posters, banners, and flyers.

3. Commercial advertisements, general solicitations, and promotions are not to be exhibited on campus bulletin boards or buildings.

4. No posters or flyers may be placed on the outside of the buildings, on painted or glass surfaces, trees, shrubs, sculptures, or on cars in the parking areas. Stakes in the lawn only with prior approval. The sponsoring party must remove all bulletins within 24 hours following the event.

5. At times of major campus events, members of the campus staff will display welcoming banners on campus locations agreed upon with Administration and the Physical Plant Department.

6. All postings must be taken to Service Desk at the Kazen Student Center Room 214 for approval. The office will provide an approval stamp and log in the poster/flyers including date of posting and removable date. Any unapproved posters will be removed and destroyed.

7. The standard flyer size is 8½” x 14” or smaller, but no larger than 11” x 17”. Banner size for special events must receive individual approval. Posters are attached with staples, and banners are secured with heavy cord or the proper tape for its weight.

8. Posters and signs for campus information and functions have priority over all other material. Second priority is community service related information of non-profit organizations and will be posted in limited designated bulletin boards.

9. Flyers may be placed on designated tables in the lobby of the Kazen Student Center Room 214 and must have the approval of the Director of Student Life. Only major campus events will be allowed to place table tents in the dining area with the approval of the Director of Student Life.

10. No signs, posters, or banners may promote an activity or event that is contrary to college regulations or federal, state, or local laws.

Political Advertising

Laredo College offers in an unbiased position an equal opportunity to all interested candidates to advertise. Political posters can be posted only on “political bulletin boards” which are placed in high traffic areas of the campus. Campaigners should bring their material to be posted to the Office of Student Life.

The designated area for displaying political advertisements such as cards, brochures, leaflets, bumper stickers, etc., is in the lobby of the Kazen Student Center Room 214 and at the Billy Hall Student Center Main Entrance.