Student Organization Rules

Student Organizations Rules and Regulations


Laredo College encourages the formation of any meaningful student organization.  Student organizations are formed to enhance social, recreational, educational, or cultural needs to LC students.  Student involvement in campus-centered activities is a vital part of the training for functional life skills.  Through the participation in meaningful activities, LC students are offered the opportunity for personal growth and social development. 

To assist students, Laredo College encourages the formation of student organizations.  Assistance in the formation of student organizations to meet the student's needs and interests is available at LC Ft. McIntosh Campus in the Office of Student Life, Kazen Student Center Room 214, and at LC South Campus in the William N. Hall, Jr. Room A-225. 

Supervision of Student Organizations

The overall supervision of student activities and student organizations is the responsibility of the Director of Student Life in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator, Associate Vice President of Student Services and Vice-President of Student Success and Enrollment.