Fresh Start Initiative

Federal Student Aid Eligibility for Borrowers with Defaulted Loans

On April 6, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced an initiative—called “Fresh Start”—to help eligible borrowers in default.

Fresh Start will continue through one year after the COVID-19 payment pause ends.

If your loans are eligible, you’ll temporarily regain several student aid benefits. You’ll also get the opportunity to get out of default and keep those benefits for the long term.

Some of the Fresh Start benefits are available right now, but some other benefits won’t be available until later this year.

ED eliminated default status to Federal student loan borrowers on past due balances. The new “Fresh Start” initiative implemented steps for borrowers to reinstate them out of default status by providing low repayment plans, restore Pell Grant and Campus-based program eligibility to allow borrowers to complete their program of study and remove students from the federal Credit Alert Verification System (CAIVRS).

Students defaulted BEFORE or on March 13, 2020 will have to complete the "Fresh Start" acknolwedgement (webform) through the Student Verification on PASPort.

Frequently Asked Questions

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