Consumer Information

Welcome to the Consumer Information

Laredo College welcomes you to the Consumer Information page. In accordance with federal regulations set forth by The Higher Educatoin Act of 1965, as amended, below is a consumer information of items.  Each article listed below provides information to key offices, personnel, rules, regulations, and policies of importance to prospective and currently enrolled students, employees, and to the public.  Laredo College is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our students. Please feel free to access the links below and contact the appropriate department for any additional information. 

General Information

Mission Statement  
Accreditation Information  
Notice of Nondiscrimination -Equal Opportunity Act  
FLB-Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct-Policy  
Freedom of Information Act  
Student Life  
Sample Constitution  
Internet Usage Policy  
Social Media  
Campus Maps  
eLearning & Instructional Innovation Center Student Handbook  
Student Government Association  
Teacher Preparation Program  
Counseling and Disability Services Information  
Veteran Services  
Information on Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse  
Bursar's Office  
Important Contact Information  

Student Matters

Academic Advising  
Center for Learning, Academic, and Student Success (C.L.A.S.S.)  
Transfer Information to a Four-Year University  
Workforce Development Center  
Vaccination Policy  
RETURN TO TITLE IV -Repayment Policy for Students  
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  
Voter Registration  
Six Drop Rule  
TRIO Student Support Services  

Financial Aid Information

Apply for Financial Aid  
Cost of Attendance  
True Cost Calculator  
Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA)  
FAFSA Simplification  
Distribution of Financial Aid  
FA Disbursement  
Student of Rights and Responsibilities  
Other State and Federal Aid  
Scholarship Information  
Scholarship Fraud  
Federal Student Loans  

Safety and Security

Campus Police  
 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report- (CLERY ACT)  
Notification of Missing Students  
Information on Title IX  
Emergency Guideline, Procedures, and Phone Numbers  

Student Outcomes

Graduation, Transfer, Retention Rates  
College Navigator  
Gainful Employment  
Student Athlete Performance