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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal regulations mandate that a student receiving financial assistance under federal Title IV programs must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in his/her course of study regardless of whether or not financial aid is awarded each semester.

Students pursuing a certificate or associate degree are responsible for understanding and adhering to the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy.  It is important for all students to understand that the primary financial responsibility for paying for college lies with the student and the parent.  All appropriate applications, documentation, and information must be accurate. 

In the case of a self-supporting student, the primary financial responsibility lies with the student and/or the spouse, if married.  Therefore, the purpose in completing the financial aid application process is to determine the expected contribution from income and assets toward the total cost of education by the student, his/her parents or spouse if married.


1. Minimum GPA requirement  
2. Minimum completion rate  
3. Maximum time frame (MTF)  

Summer (Year - Round) Pell Grant

Summer (Year - Round) Pell Grant is now available for students that qualify, even if the full Fall and Spring amounts have been used. To be eligible for the additional Pell Grant funds, the student must be otherwise eligible to receive Pell Grant funds for the payment period and must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours) during the summer. 

Student must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and submit a summer request form to the Student  Financial Aid Center before April of every year (date is tentative). 

Transient Students

You are considered a Transient student if you are currently attending another college or university an intend to enroll at LC with the intent to return to your home institution at the end of the summer.

Transient students are not eligible for financial aid at Laredo College, you must check with your home institution regarding financial aid eligibility. 

All Transient students are expected to complete payment on their classes by the scheduled payment deadline for the term they want to attend. 

If a student is incorrectly classified as an actual Transfer student, an awarded financial aid funds, all funds will have to be returned immediately upon review of status. 

Which Way Financial Literacy App

What is Financial Literacy ?

The possession of Skills and Knowledge that allows an individual to make informed decisions with all their financial resources. 

Laredo College Student Financial Aid Centers are focused on helping students succeed in college and beyond The WhichWay Financial Aid Literacy App provides essential life skills needed to overcome financial barriers, thus empowering current and future students make better decisions with their personal finances.   

WhichWay has ten simple modules that are designed as a series of self-paced micro learning lessons and exercises.WhichWay addresses different learning styles. The information is presented in a variety of ways including text, graphics, videos, activities and easy exercises. Best of all, it is available in the palm of your hand 24/7.  You can complete lessons when it’s convenient for you. Don't delay! Download WhichWay, a Financial Literacy App today!

Laredo College is excited to provide, to all registered students, an easy to access Financial Aid Literacy App called WHICHWAY.  WhichWay is a Financial Literacy App that can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Engaging videos and interactive exercises will empower you to make better decisions with your financial resources.

No smart phone or tablet, not a problem. Visit WhichWay via internet at home, work, or our financial aid lab. 

If at any time you need help while using the WhichWay app for any questions or concerns or email   

If you have any additional questions about the WhichWay Financial Aid Literacy App please call us at 956-721-5361 or email

Students With Loans

Loan Borrowers:

Are you behind on your student loan payment or cannot make payments or cannot get financial aid to continue your education because you defaulted on your student loans? Help is on the way! Loan Science is here to assist you to rehabilitate your student loan.

Has Loan Science reached out to you via email or by telephone? Relax! Please know Laredo College is on your side, you were called on behalf of Laredo College Financial Aid Office to assist you manage your Student Loan Debt. Laredo College wants you to complete your degree or continue your certificate program.

The Loan Science website is your guide to help manage your student loan(s). In fact, we have it down to a science. We can help you navigate your loan repayment options easily without any additional charges.

For further assistance or question with your Student Loans, please visit Loan Science at LoanScience or email  or call at 1-866-311-9450.

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