List of Organizations

List of Organizations

Student Government Association (SGA) 

The purpose of this organization is to provide students the opportunity to actively participate and foster leadership skills, as follows:

Providing a forum that allows for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions.

1. Promoting the value of lifelong learning.

2. Providing an environment on campus where the educational experience is enhanced through means of accessible services, collaboration, and student input.

3. Developing leadership opportunities for students.

4. Fostering a sense of community and integrity among the students.


Astronomy Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote and educate the Students of LC on topics dealing with astronomy and Science.


Chess Club

The Club’s purpose is to promote chess to people who want to learn how to play and who already know how to play and want to play with peers.


Emergency Medical Service Club (EMS Club)

The EMS Club is concerned with providing a good relationship with Laredo College and the

community of Laredo. We will create and participate in events that will raise awareness and/or

money for the EMS Club. We aim to provide first aid in each event that we are a part of during

the academic year.


Helping Society Club

The Helping Society is concerned with providing volunteer efforts not only for our community

but as well as our campuses.


LEAD Student Organization

The LEAD Student Organization is a network of students passionate about leadership development and community engagement. Through this organization, students develop leadership, networking, and communication skills. They do this by performing community service projects, networking with organizations in the community, and learning from guest speakers. Members choose community service projects based on their interests and the needs of the community. Taking part in our organization gives students the opportunity to make a difference and develop their professional skills.


Logistics & Distribution Organization

The Logistics Club shall aim to promote its members’ professionalism and academic excellence. We will attend conferences and engage with the community to emulate industry professionals.


Laredo College Student Chapter of The Society of Latinos in Engineers and Scientists (MAES)

The purpose of this student chapter is to:

1. Increase the number of minority engineering and science students at Laredo College and increase the number of minority students who transfer to a four-year university in pursuit of their bachelor's degrees in engineering or science career fields.

2. Promote the advancement of minority engineers and scientists in employment and education.

3. Improve the retention of minority students enrolled in engineering and science degrees/courses.

4. Provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent to minority engineering/science students enrolled at Laredo College, including but not limited to scholarships, internships, educational programs, conferences, student support services, and employment opportunities.

5. Develop a working network within Laredo College, area schools, colleges, and professional associations to encourage minority students to enter the engineering and science fields and to successfully continue toward completion of their bachelor degrees.

6. Promote professional advancement for minority engineers and scientists by fostering cooperation among industry, government and the academic and professional communities to improve education and employment opportunities.

7. Provide counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and financial assistance to minority students in engineering and science.

8. Provide educational experiences that assist minority students in engineering and science to explore career and academic information and opportunities.


Medical Assistant Club

Members will participate in the promotion of the Medical Assisting Program through:

1. Community awareness and education

2. Fundraising for scholarships

3. Interdisciplinary activities


Palomino Crochet Club

The Palomino Crochet Club is concerned with providing students an opportunity

to learn and/or improve upon their current crochet skills. It is beneficial to those who want to learn a new craft and a hobby in which we think individuals would enjoy even if they know the basics or want to learn from the beginning.


Palomino Empire Dance Team

The purpose of the Dance Team is to provide young dancers with an opportunity to participate in an activity and develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness, as well as; encourage high standards, and develop or increase skills in dance, responsibility, leadership and self-discipline. Participation on the Dance Team, as well as other extra-curricular activities, is a privilege, not a right. As a member of the Dance Team, you represent our college; and your conduct and actions in class, on the stage, and in the community should not deviate from the regulations and code of conduct set. Team members must show determination, dedication, and desire to be a productive member of this team.


Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA Club)

Purpose of Club

1) Members will participate in the promotion of physical therapy

2) Increase community awareness of service provided by the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant

3) Strengthen self-confidence of all members


Phi Theta Kappa

The purpose of Theta Theta shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among Laredo College students; to recognize those students who have excelled academically and/or who have expressed a desire to participate actively in projects of the chapter. Furthermore, the chapter shall promote total involvement of all members. To achieve these goals, the chapter shall provide an opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for a lively fellowship for scholars, for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence, and an atmosphere stimulating interesting, incentive, and enjoyment.


RT/DMS Student Club

The purpose of the RT/DMS Student Club will be to acquaint and inform the community about the Radiologic Technology and the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs at Laredo College and be motivated, accomplish tasks, raise club funds, get involved with the community, and represent the club well.


Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)

Members of the Laredo College Student Nurses' Association are responsible for maintaining and promoting high standards of conduct, developing reliable and responsible leaders, and promoting the profession of Nursing. Members will participate in the promotion of the profession of Nursing and engagement in the community.


Student Vocational Nurses’ Club (SVN Club)

The Student Vocational Nurses’ Club is concerned with Health Education/Self-Care.


TACHE-HACU Student Club

The purpose of this student organization is to acknowledge and advocate on behalf of those who participate or are enthused for/by the Chicano, Hispanic/Mestizo (Indigenous Latino) community throughout Texas, and the rest of the U.S., including Laredo. TACHE-HACU is a student club, which promotes and embraces exponential growth for students in their education, leadership, and careers on behalf of their families and communities. Also, it allows members to prosper and enhance their learning in the importance of education gained from meetings, activities and events throughout the active semesters. These activities will be cultivated to showcase the richly endowed and important Chicano, Hispanic/Mestizo (Indigenous Latino) heritage, history, literature, film, field trips etc. --that familiarize students of certain anniversaries, and traditions within the Chicano, Hispanic/Mestizo (Indigenous Latino) Heritage, especially in the U.S.