Sample Constitution

Sample Constitution


Sample Constitution for Student Organizations at Laredo College


All student organizations must create and submit a constitution as part of the recognition process. Below, we’ve provided a rubric that groups may want to use while creating their constitution. Your organization may deviate from this sample, provided that Article III, Item 1, Article IV, Item 2 and Article VII, Item 3 (marked with an *) are included. You may wish to elaborate on this template or customize this document for your particular organization. Each year, student organizations must submit their constitution to the Office of Student Life in electronic form as a part of the annual re-registration process.


Article I: Organization Name

The name of the organization shall be ___(name)___.


In this portion, please keep in mind that Laredo College may not stand alone in an organization’s name. If your group is choosing to use the Laredo College name, it must use either “at Laredo College” or “at LC” as the naming convention. Ex. Student Life Club at LC or Student Life Club at Laredo College.


Article II: Purpose

The (group name) is concerned with ___________________.


In this portion, you may want to address exactly what your group is hoping to accomplish. Is it a political, cultural, or social group? What kinds of activities will you be engaged in? How will you benefit the college community?


You may also want to describe any initiatives or projects of the group here. For example, if your group creates a publication or has a signature event every year, you may want to discuss that here.



Article III: Membership

  • Membership in this organization shall be open to all students in good academic (2.0 G.P.A or better) and disciplinary standing currently enrolled in Laredo College, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical disability.*
  • Members must be students of Laredo College.*
  • Membership shall be retained until the student severs relations with the College whether by graduation or otherwise. Membership will be retained during the vacation and recesses of the college.



Other issues you may want to address:

  • Is the paying of dues a requirement of membership? If so, how will you ensure that your organization is open to all students regardless of ability to pay dues?
  • Does a member need to formally resign? How should this take place?
  • Do you allow students at other Laredo College campuses to be members, i.e. South Campus?
  • Do you allow members of the outside community participate in activities or programs (alumni, wider community, etc.)?
  • How might you address problematic behavior in the membership of your organization?


Article IV: Officers

  • The officers of this group shall consist of (Insert officer titles here. For example, President, Treasurer, Sargent at Arms, etc.)
  • All officers shall be registered students in Laredo College.*


Other issues you may want to address:

  • What is the function of each officer position? By carefully delineating responsibilities, you may avoid conflicts caused by an unclear leadership structure. Remember that TWO officers should have financial oversight of the group to ensure that financial best-practices are maintained.
    • Here is some possible language you may want to consider:
      • The President shall be the chief executive officer of the group and shall have general supervision and control of its activities and programs.
      • The Vice President shall assist the President and assume his or her duties when the President is unable to serve.
      • The Treasurer shall have general charge of the financial affairs of the group. He or she shall keep accurate records of these affairs.
      • The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the group and of all activities and programs. He or she will handle all formal correspondence between members and officers of the group.


Article V: Elections

  • Officers shall be elected annually by the members of the group. Elections shall be held during the month of (insert month here.)
  • The term of office shall start (insert when here. On the first day of the following month? On the 15th of the month?)


Other issues you may want to address:

  • How are potential officers nominated? How soon before the election date must nominations occur?
  • How will the elections be held? Will it be done via secret ballot? Is it done on a simple volunteer basis?
  • How will the newly elected officers be notified?
  • How will the outgoing officer ensure that the transition to the incoming officers will be smooth? You may want to discuss having a “shadow” period or how you will make sure that institutional knowledge is transferred.
  • How will your group proceed if an election is contested?


Article V: Meetings

  • Meetings of the groups shall be held on a regular basis for the purpose of determining policy, activities, programs, and other business. Special meetings of the group may be called by the President, the Vice President, or any five members of the group.
  • A simple majority of the group shall constitute a quorum.
  • The President shall chair all meetings. In the President’s absence, the (insert officer title here) shall chair.
  • Notice of regular and special meetings shall be communicated to all members of the group by the Secretary.
  • All members shall have one vote with respect to any resolutions put forward during a meeting.


Other issues to consider:

  • How will a proposal be submitted and reviewed?
  • How will a proposal be approved? By simple majority? Will members who are not present at the time of the voting have the ability to vote via written proxy?


Article VII: Amendments

  • The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the group.
  • Any (insert number here) members of the group may propose an amendment. Proposals shall be filed in writing with the Secretary prior to the meeting so that the group may debate the proposal.
  • All approved amendments will be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Life for final approval.*